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What is 'SMARTkontroll'?

SMARTkontroll is an app for status inspection of real estate. The inspection generates a maintenance plan where you can effectively see what needs to be done and how the property is doing.

'SMARTkontroll' is used for inspection of:

Commercial real estate

–Residential properties 

- Apartments

- Preschools

- Schools

Customer benefit

With SMARTkontroll, supervision is carried out according to the agreement that exists between the client and the contractor. With the help of the app you get:

      • Maintenance plan
      • Status inspection with grades
      • Fire proteccion control
      • Playground inspection
      • Supervision of electrical installation
      • Basis for economic valuation
      • CSI assessment
      • Supervision of regulatory requirements
      • Knowledge of warranties

In addition, you can use the app as an "introduction book" for new operations personnel and a reporting tool for operational contract administrators. 

If the supervision is carried out regularly, it becomes a method of quality assurance of the property.

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How does 'SMARTkontroll' work?

With the app a control is being made and the result is presented a simple and sustainable way trough an Excel file

Instead of using complicated terms and difficult to understand expressions, SMARTkontroll is easy to use, while adhering to the Real Estate Management Agreement.

The grading is done by choosing a smiley, a method everyone understands and can use. You can also take pictures and record deviations. Easy and effective!


Take a look at the films:

1. Create property

2. Inspect

3. Share

See the manual

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Who is 'SMARTkontroll' for?

PROPERTY MANAGERS who will make maintenance plans.

THE CARETAKER who regularly reports the status of the property to the trustee.

Who else?


HOUSING ASSOCIATION who want to document their rounds and keep track of how the property is doing and see how the work is done by the contractors.

TENANTS' ASSOCIATION who want a tool for negotiations where you clearly see deficiencies in the property.

REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT EDUCATORS. The app gives a concrete insight into how property management works. It also gives life to the education in maintenance planning.


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