What is 'SMARTkontroll'?

SMARTkontroll is an app for status inspection of real estate. The inspection generates a maintenance plan where you can effectively see what needs to be done and how the property is doing.

'SMARTkontroll' is used for inspection of:

Commercial real estate

–Residential properties 

- Apartments

- Preschools

- Schools

Customer benefit

With SMARTkontroll, supervision is carried out according to the agreement that exists between the client and the contractor. With the help of the app you get:

      • Maintenance plan
      • Status inspection with grades
      • Fire proteccion control
      • Playground inspection
      • Supervision of electrical installation
      • Basis for economic valuation
      • CSI assessment
      • Supervision of regulatory requirements
      • Knowledge of warranties

In addition, you can use the app as an "introduction book" for new operations personnel and a reporting tool for operational contract administrators. 

If the supervision is carried out regularly, it becomes a method of quality assurance of the property.

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