What is SMARTkontroll?

SMARTkontroll is an app for inspecting the status of properties. The inspection generates a maintenance plan where you can effectively see what needs to be done and how the property is doing. SMARTkontroll has been developed together with one of Sweden's largest property managers and is used daily by operations staff for overall inspections and controls.

SMARTkontroll is used for the inspection of:

- Commercial real estate

- Residentialproperties

- Apartments

- Pre-schools

- Schools

Customer benefit

With SMARTkontroll , inspections are carried out according to the contract between the client and the contractor. The app allows you to:

      • Maintenance plan
      • Status inspection with rating
      • SBA round
      • Playground inspection
      • Inspection of electrical installations
      • Basis for valuation
      • NKI assessment
      • Supervision of regulatory requirements
      • Knowledge of guarantees
      • Audit your management company using Q-checks

In addition, the app can be used as an "induction book" for new operations staff and a reporting tool for operations contractors.

If inspections are carried out regularly, it becomes a method of quality assurance for the property.

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