How much does 'SMARTkontroll' cost?

Answer: It depends on the number of users and modules. Contact us for more information.


We're only interested in one specific module, not all of them. Can you buy only one?

Answer: Yes. Contact us for information about prices and the number of modules you are interested in and we will get back to you.


Why have I received a Renewal Invoice?
Answer: To ensure that there will be no interruptions to the service you ordered from us, we will send you a renewal invoice approximately one month before the service expires.
– If you want to continue using SMARTkontroll, please pay before the invoice due date.
– If you no longer wish to continue using SMARTkontroll, please inform us before the invoice due date.

We already have a real estate system, why use SMARTkontroll?

Answer: SMARTkontroll is not a real estate system and therefore does not replace one. SMARTkontroll is used for inspection of apartment/ property/ school and others and delivers a clear list of measures to raise CSI. Simple, scalable and flexible.


I want to use SMARTkontroll in my job as an inspector, how do I do?

Answer: No problem. Contact us for further information.


Why should we use 'SMARTkontroll'?

Answer: 'SMARTkontroll' is used to make assessments of the wear and tear and risks that come with the property. This working method ensures that knowledge stays within the organization and thereby facilitates the training of new employees. SMARTkontroll is also a good help to show that you comply with the requirements of the authorities.


Is there a backup of the information entered into the app?

Answer: Yes. The app uses the built-in backup that is made via the phone's OS. Make sure it is activated and performed. If you change the device and load the backup, all information will be restored. Learn more about iOS or android backups.


I would like to know more how the app works.

Answer: Have you looked at the manual? If question marks remain, please feel free to contact us.


How do you handle my personal information?

Answer: Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on this or feel free to contact us.


How to transfer personal settings to another phone?

Answer: The backup function creates a backup that can be loaded into a new phone. In this way, user data is transferred from one device to another.